Arcane Magic 1 – Shades of Power

So, almost a month ago Shades of Power (Arcane Magic Book 1) was released. Thanks to everyone who purchased it, it received its ARe tea cup in the first day!!!

Since its release, I’ve been busy trying to get the Rainbow Ninja Press website up and running and its almost completely ready, there’s just a bit more tweaking to do.
EU Customers can’t buy directly from the site, but there is a link to Payhip which will allow you to purchase the book. I know it can be annoying having to go to another place to buy a book, but if you do purchase it from Payhip you won’t be paying the VAT, it will automatically be deducted from the price rather than being added to the price. Only PDF versions will be available for purchase through Payhip but if you create an account at Rainbow Ninja Press using the same email you use to purchase from Payhip then the books will be added to your downloads so that you can get them in pdf, mobi or epub.
I’m playing around with a rewards program that will allow you to buy 10 get 1 free but that’s not really going to help until there are more books up, but I’m working on it and I have some friends coming to help 😉

But for now, Shades of Power is up!

Shades of Power - Web

An explosion sends Ethan running…straight into the arms of his mate.

Ethan White is a witch whose days are spent in his apothecary with his familiar, Beema. While making potions for the townsfolk keeps him busy, nothing exciting ever happens—until one day when a surprise visitor walks in and his world crumbles around him. Suddenly Ethan and his familiar are on the run, heading for the Fae to seek sanctuary.
Grayson is an alpha wolf. His two best friends are his betas, but there’s one thing missing—a pack. It’s for that very reason that the three of them were volunteered by the council to act as representatives. Their mission? Try to convince the Fae Queen to get the Fae involved in a battle with the Midnight Coven, the witches suspected of using the dark arts. However, the mission takes a back seat when Grayson meets his mate for the first time.
With revelations and lies around every corner and a battle looming, they have to be ready to fight if they want to have a life together.
When a prophecy about the Shades of Power comes to light, both sides want the power for the battle against the other. The question is—who will unite them first?

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