Charlie Day Friday – Releases!!!

Counting on a Crow’s Wing (Kontra’s Menagerie #22) is out now at eXtasy Books and Tumbling Hair and Bread Crumbs is out on third party sites!!! (Links below)

eXtasy Books

On the Road: When a fae prince makes a bad bet, he must rely on strangers to win his freedom.
Lord Elron Paxton is a fae prince–one of many. Bored with the never-ending politics of the Fae Court, he takes a dare to enter the human world. Elron gives his bodyguards the slip, finds a fun gay club, and prepares for a night of revelry. Unfortunately, Elron wakes in a dirty room crowded with other men. He finds himself stuck there for days, weighing the pros and cons of revealing his true nature to a number of humans–something against fae law–just to save himself. When a crow shifter appears outside the window, Elron hopes he’s found an alternate way of saving not only himself, but those stuck in the room with him–even if they do think he’s nuts for talking to a bird. Can he trust the crow to get help before the men who kidnapped everyone sells them on the black market…or will he have to break fae law to save them, sentencing himself to certain death?
Reader Advisory: This tale speaks of past abuse / rape.

And for those waiting for the third party links, Tumbling Hair and Bread Crumbs…

Rainbow Ninja Press
Rainbow Ninja Press – EU Customers

When two fairy tales meet: When a savvy forester searches for his missing sister, he discovers a handsome prince who represents more danger to him than a manipulative witch.

Hansel Lorain has been close with his sister, Gretel, ever since escaping a witch when they were children. When she begins disappearing for hours at a time, he pressures her into telling him where she’s going and why. To Hansel’s surprise, Gretel is visiting a woman trapped in a tower. He leaves his sister to her friendship, but when she doesn’t come home one evening, he fears he made the wrong decision. After all, who had trapped the woman in the first place? Heading to the tower to find Gretel, Hansel instead runs across Jory Marable…and the handsome man’s blade. After a scuffle, Hansel is forced to admit why he’s there, and he learns that Jory is after a witch. Fearing for his sister’s well-being, he agrees to team up with the man. When Hansel discovers the attraction he feels for Jory is mutual, he has a decision to make. Can he enjoy a short partnership with benefits, keep his heart intact, and find his missing sister?

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