Charlie Day Friday – Wooing the Lighthouse Keeper

Have you read Charlie’s Tales of the Briny Nix? If you haven’t, pick up books 1 & 2 and help me bug her for #3 *wink*

eXtasy Books

Beneath the Deep: From the sea, mysterious things can arise.
Wayne needs a place to hide when an angry ex-boyfriend sends questionable pictures to several board members at the school where he teaches. Substituting as a lighthouse keeper for his buddy’s father, he finds stark beauty in how the waves crash on the rocks and solace in their sound. His buddy, Easton, drops by with pizza and wine to buoy his spirits, and together they find a naked man on the beach. Bringing the injured man inside his temporary home, Wayne learns the stranger’s name is Zarek, and he doesn’t want to be taken to the hospital. Against his better judgment, maybe because the sexy, black-haired man kissed like a God, Wayne agrees…even though he knows the man’s story is bogus. When Wayne learned the truth, can he wrap his mind around everything and accept his new reality? Or will he wipe his hands of the sexy Zarek at his earliest opportunity?

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