Ok, so I got my first round of edits on Friday for Return of the Cats and I was fully expecting there to be lots and lots of comments about what I needed to fix. In fact, I had prepared myself for that. What I hadn’t prepared myself for was how few edits I did have. In fact, they didn’t take me all that long to do so naturally I kept wondering what it was that I had done wrong.

It just seemed too easy, especially since a few hours before I opened my edits I read Renae’s blog post about her edits. I remember going through the document and asking myself ‘where are the notes saying that I have to redo the section or change something because it doesn’t work?’ But there weren’t any issues that big which I’m really happy about.
The first edits only took me about three hours to finish, the second took even less. The edits were finished yesterday so now I just need to wait for the next step in the process.

In the meantime I’m going to work on tidying up the blurb so at least that’s ready. I ended up buying an iPad mini yesterday and got started on putting everything onto iThoughts which really is an awesome mapping tool!!!! Love it =D
Now I just have to transfer all of the things to note onto it and I’ll be set. I did all of the character information yesterday which was half the work.

8 thoughts on “Edits

  1. And you can you can tell by the damn typo above that I wasn’t as lucky as you in the edits *sigh* I freaking hate when I do that.

    1. I can delete the post if you want? In fact, I can delete both and you can repost without the extra letter 😉

  2. Beany, you know edits always seem terrifying at first. I’m glad you got through them easily. Congratulations and can’t wait to buy this. I am so proud of you!

    1. Thanks Bails 🙂
      They’ll be off to the proof reader soon so I’m sure there’ll be more things to fix up, but it’s getting there.

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