eXtasy Advent Calendar – Day 13

I managed to convince Catherine to join in at the very last second, so here is her Q&A with me =D
Thanks Catherine *hugs*

1. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
I love getting all the cards from my friends and family. More from the friends though, lol! And my 8 year old daughter’s excitement, rushing in early in the morning to open her stocking.

2. What’s your last favourite?
The consumerism and early start to Christmas—I’ve seen a tree up in September! So much stuff to be bought and wrapped. One year I tried to give charity gifts to the in laws, such as a set of school books for a child in Africa, a new baby care box for a new mum in Indonesia. The in laws were not impressed so unfortunately we had to go back to giving boxes of chocolates etc. My mum, however, thought the charity gifts were brilliant. I should have ignored the in laws and done what I thought was right.

3. What are you looking forward to this year?
A peaceful and quiet Christmas. My mum cooks the turkey, we cook the vegetables then take them to her house to eat Christmas dinner. She has a beautiful tortoiseshell cat called Marmalade which my daughter loves, so we spend all afternoon playing with her.

4. What was your favourite gift?
Some novelty nail clippers from my great aunt. When I got them I thought ‘how boring’ but I have used them ever since I got them 30 years ago, still going strong!

5. What’s one gift you regret giving?
I gave my best friend some leather gloves once, because I wanted some. She didn’t so was very disappointed as she wanted a car mug with a Porsche on. This was years ago at school. I wish I’d kept the gloves and given a the car mug.

6. Have you ever regifted?
Yes, if I get something I don’t like, I keep it in a box with any other things and give them to someone else the next year.

7. Have you had a summer Christmas and/or winter Christmas?
I’ve only ever had a winter Christmas, I’m not sure I’d like one in hot summer time.

8. Do you have a Christmas tradition?
We have a felt advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree with a little felt shape for each day, such as a candle, a Father Christmas, a holly leaf. We got it long before our daughter was born and now its hers to do every day. We get the Christmas decorations out as close to the 1st December every year so she can enjoy them for as long as possible.

9. Do you have a big family Christmas or a small family Christmas?
I definitely have a small family Christmas because my family consists of me, my husband, daughter and my mum. We used to drive all over the country visiting relatives at Christmas and New Year—far too tiring! Since we had our daughter though, people come to us if they want to see us. I love the quiet and peace of a simple Christmas—eating and relaxing, not rushing round like a loon. So a small Christmas is my choice.

10. If you could have Christmas anywhere in the world (money not an issue) where would you have it and who would be with you?
Probably somewhere snowy—Europe or America—which felt like ‘proper Christmas’. I live in southern England so Christmas is usually grey, dull and rainy. I’d just have who I always have— my daughter, my husband and my mum. Although, maybe I’d gather my best friends from all episodes of my life and have lunch with them on Boxing Day.

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