eXtasy Advent Calendar – Day 14

Putting a little of your holiday past into your books.

First, I’d like to thank Ninja Beany for having me as her guest today. Thank you sweetie. *snort* I can’t even call you sweetie with a straight face. 😀 LOL
So, I was asked to write a holiday them post. I’m like great, right on…now what? Anyway, after some thought I decided to give readers a little inside scoop; a lot of my holiday books have a little of me or sis in them. On to some of the examples!


In Stephani Hecht’s and my Birds of Prey series the BOP go to a German town known for the world’s largest Christmas store, Bronners. That happens to be a place that Stephani and I frequent quite a bit. In fact, my lil ones went and saw Santa just last week there. It’s kind of holiday tradition to go up there at least once and go eat at Zehnder’s, go to the taffy store and buy some fudge. Well everyone buys the fudge but me. I love chocolate, not fudge. I know, care to throw those snowballs at me anytime for being a fudge hater. 😀

Paper Cuts and Trees:

In my Holiday Jobs series I have several holiday books that revolve around horrible jobs. Well, I haven’t worked at a tree farm or wrapped presents at a Macy’s but I am the victim of having to be the holiday wrapping and tree holding person every…single…year. There’s not a holiday that goes by that I don’t have my hands covered in paper cuts because I’m clumsy and can’t seem to get this wrapping thing right. I know practice makes perfect…in this case, it hasn’t. I’m currently sporting three and it isn’t even Christmas Eve yet. LOL As for holding the tree, I’m like Clark Griswold for an entire day BUT I have found a solution to the sap stuck to your hands and the scent, Scrub Daddy sponge. I was sap free in two seconds after using that happy sponge.

Snowball fight:

My newest release had a gigantic snowball fight in it. In college, I was in about a four hundred person snowball fight. It was epic! On a side note: I found out my husband was at the same snowball fight but I didn’t meet him until four months later.
So since I’ll be doing a little giveaway for A Hellhound Christmas, I thought I would give a little teaser of the snowball fight in closing this before Beany gets the hook and yanks me off her blog. LOL
Hugs to everyone and thanks again Beany Sparks!
Jackie Nacht


Daegal followed Oren out to the front doors, completely unsure of what his mate wanted. They stepped out, and the chill hit Daegal even with his coat on. He stood there for a moment as he watched Oren bend down, pick up a ball of snow and wing it at him, striking him in the chest.
Daegal watched as the snow slid down his chest and fell at his feet. “What’d you do that for?”
Oren snorted. “I’m starting a snowball fight with you. You know, have some fun.”
“You’re serious? This is supposed to be fun?” Daegal stared down at his coat where he was struck, tiny flecks of snow still remained.
A snowball sailed over Daegal’s head and hit Oren on his stomach right in front of him.
Daegal turned to see that Knox was at the top of the stairs with a smirk on his face. Behind him were Whitley, Malach, Sascha, Peyton, Rayce, Colin, Sloan, Deacon, Brendan, and Ripley.
Knox crossed his arms. “It’s a lot more fun if you have more people.”
Another snowball flew out of Whitley’s hand and soared toward Daegal. Daegal dodged the ball, and then, it was fucking chaos.
Oren grabbed him by the arm as snowballs sailed through the air. “C’mon, we need cover.”
Daegal ran with Oren to hide behind a tree. He watched as Oren began building snowballs. Oren turned and grabbed his gloved hand, putting it in the snow.
“Get going, Daegal. We’re at war here, dammit!” Oren cackled as he began packing the snow in his hand.

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5 thoughts on “eXtasy Advent Calendar – Day 14

  1. When used to visit my aunt and uncle our cousins and their friends used to have huge snow ball fights my sister I were the youngest so we were told to make snowballs and keep away from the fighting. It was great fun.

  2. Never been in a snowball fight. I’ve thrown snowballs at people, but more of a sneak attack. Anyway Happy Holidays to everyone

  3. Haven’t been in a snowball fight since I was a kid. There was one apartment complex we lived in that had tennis courts. A bunch of us went in there one snowy day(we don’t get many of those here)and used the court, with the net still in it(they didn’t take it down for winter for some reason)as our battlefield. That way we weren’t in the road or risking hitting anyone or anything that we weren’t supposed to.

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