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Lucky me, I get to be all horribly organised and grateful for an opportunity to not write what I’m meant to be writing. I’m here to give a glimpse into my next book, and I thought, well, it’s Christmas so why not give you a glimpse around the Moonlit Wolves Christmas table.

I want to warn you that this series needs to be read in order and therefore I have written this short more for the fans of the series than newbies, but I hope everyone will get a little kick out of it.

NSFW note, this has a sex scene, or the beginnings of one, I couldn’t help it, Matt and Jex don’t do anything but have sex.

Christmas with Family – A Moonlit Wolves Christmas by Bronwyn Heeley

Colin & Tim

Time stood stock still just inside the opening to the lounge room. Struck dumb by the fact that his mum and step-dad didn’t remember that they told Tim he had to sleep at home Christmas night.
“Tim!” his mum’s voice was high, nearly a squeak as she scrambled off Doug, turning an already embarrassing moment into something awkward and unnecessary. Why couldn’t she have just stayed there, then he could have turned around and pretend. Pretend… he didn’t know what but he was definitely at a point that he’s mind would have come up with anything to stop the trauma.
Turning around, Tim walked straight into Colin on his way back out of the lounge room.
“Babe?” alarmed, that was definitely alarm, Colin’s arms circling Tim’s shoulder as he kept on walking into his lover.
“I’m not having a good year,” he mumbled into Colin’s shoulder, trying hard to push out the horror of his mother doing the dirty. Isn’t there a time when parents aren’t meant to want sex anymore, you know somewhere around the time of his birth. And yes he was trying very hard to forget that he had no plans of stopping until his dick wouldn’t get it up again, and then he’d turn to those lovely blue pills.
“What? What happened, is your mum alright?” Colin asked as he started to move them forward.
“No!” Tim screamed just as his mum came around the corner with her nightgown on.
“I’m so sorry you had to see that, baby,” but Tim knew she found the whole thing hilarious.
“What happened?” Colin asked, relaxing against Tim now that he knew nothing bad had actually happened.
Tim made a sound in the back of his throat. “I need to leave,” he mumbled as his mum laughed outright.
“We though you boys would take a little longer to get up.”
“You could have just not!” Tim said turning around the face him mum. “You knew we were here, you could have…done the deed behind a locked door.” he threw his hands up mumbling as he walked back out into the lounge room. “Could have gone my whole life without having to ever think about my mum doing the nasty.”
Said mum and Colin laughed hard behind him. Yeah it was all so fucking funny.
Back in the lounge room, Tim found it a little hard to look at Doug in the face, as his neck started to heat up.
“Let’s get this over with, I’m hungry.”
Colin came in behind him, wrapping his arms around Tim. “I told you we could have had a bit of pre-present nooky, but no… you had to rush out and see what Santa brought you.”
This had Tim flashing red hot from head to toe as he realised that apparently things could get worse.

Matt & Jex

“Fuck you’re hot,” Matt whispered into Jex’s ear, brick scraped against his jaw as his lover pushed him against the side of the house. They were at the main house—Eamon’s for their very first family Christmas or at least the first with all the newbies.
“I was just walking,” he said as he pushed himself back against Matt. The facts were he had only been walking, the just part was where things got fuzzy, but since Matt had gotten him a thick plug for Christmas and he happened to be wearing it, turning standing near Matt into something more. It probably hadn’t helped that he was enjoying the feel as his hips rolled the thick plastic around inside him.
“Like I said, fucking hot.” he thrust forward hard, pushing Jex’s body into the wall again, shifting the plug, giving him all the pleasures Matt knew Jex needed.
Jex moaned deep, fingers clawing at the wall, needing… something to happen, for this not to be just a tease.
Then again, Jex knew what Matt needed too, and made the last couple of hip sways as they got to a place Matt would feel comfortable enough, hadn’t been just for himself.
Matt’s hands went to his waist, slipping down under the elastic when Jex sucked in his gut. A quick fiddle with Jex’s junk as he sucked at his neck before slipping around to jiggling the base of his plug, causing Jex to moan and rock his hips harder.
“Matt, please!”
Moaning Matt’s hands left Jex and he seemed to step back slightly, which of course was Jex’s cue as much as anything.
Spreading his legs, bracing himself Jex pushed his trackies (sweat pants) down his thighs, allowing Matt to gain access to everything he needed.
With a growl, a slap to his arse and a kiss of a wet cock against his lower back, Matt’s fingers dug into Jex’s arse cheeks, opening him up, roughly removing the plug from him, before lining himself up and pushing in with a heavy thrust.

Eamon & Chris

“Thought Matt and Jex were coming with you,” Chris spoke as he just straightened up from putting down a cold cut meat tray and cover, to Colin and Tim as they climbed the stairs to the veranda
“They did,” Colin said with a look on his face, half amused half disgust.
“Fucking up against the house again, then?” he asked with a laugh as Colin’s face pinched up a bit more and Tim joined Chris.
“What else.” Tim tried hard to swallow his glee as his boyfriend turned on him.
“Let’s see how funny watching family fucking is next time we walk in on your parents taking a ‘quiet’ moment,” he used fingers to punctuate his point. Chris laughed harder as all the joy left Tim’s face so fast he should have collapsed.
“Yeah, ok, point taken,” Tim’s voice was small.
Chris laughed harder at the thought that came to mind, he was reasonably sure he was right in saying Tim had walked in on his mum and step-dad, but he wasn’t going to rub in the salt to as if he was right or not.
Back in the kitchen, because even though ears dropping on that conversation was tempting, he’d not been a very good boy these last couple of days, and he really wanted to get his Christmas spanking from a man who was king of all thing restraint. Chris swore Eamon would not orgasm in a fucking month just to prove a fucking point to Chris.
“The guys have arrived,” he spoke to an empty kitchen, hm…
Picking up the next tray Chris marched himself back to the table and then did the trip two more time and that was it, for this moment, there wasn’t anything else left to set up.
Hands spun Chris around, getting his heart jacked up into his throat for a moment before he realised it was Eamon doing the man handling.
Hand cupped his face, lips descended, soft wet and completely in charge of Chris, which was just how he liked it.
“Happy Christmas, love,” Eamon said.
“Thanks…” Chris replied not sure what had happened, had Eamon drunk a bottle of that fancy arsed wine he’d bought, which had been the last fight they’d been in thing had been getting tense between them. Mostly due to Eamon trying to enforce rules on him that were all to do with his ex-lover and nothing to do with him, or their relationship. At least that’s what Chris had accused him of.
“I’m truly sorry,” he whispered, “I believe you may have been right.” he said it in his Doctor’s voice that always made Chris hard.
“It’s not all your fault, I’m sure some of it I can cave to.”
“But the principle,” Eamon nodded, as if he could hear Chris’s fucking thoughts, arsehole.
Chris swallowed hard, “I just don’t like being tied up like that.”
“And you never will be,” Eamon smiled a smile that fucked up Chris’s insides, made him feel like he was about to melt into a puddle or more correctly drop to his knees and lap at the other man’s feet. Being that he didn’t want to do either of those things, not in the kitchen, not when anyone could come in a see, he instead, changed the subject.
“Matt and Jex never made it to the veranda.”
As was expected Eamon straightened, hands dropped from his face, one grabbing at his wrist muttering about cum on the side of his house again, as he pulled Chris out with the rest of the family.

Brad & Kyle

“God, you’re fucking hot,” Brad worshipped as he brushed a ripened plum against his lovers lips. He watched in awe as Kyle’s lips parted, rich pink lips against deep purple of the plum was nearly too much for Brad.
He and Kyle had been apart for nearly two weeks leading up to this very moment, mostly both of them working—okay, so it was more about Brad getting an offer he couldn’t quite refuse for matters related to his work as well as another round of cannon fodder for Mitchell, while he learned the ropes he wasn’t learning.
All hush hush clueless bullshit when he was actually learning how to protect his mate—his family.
Teeth peeked out just before sinking into the flesh, juices running down his lover’s cheek. Unable to hold himself back, needing to taste, touch, love on his lover in ways that he couldn’t really do at the table, Brad leant forward, licking up Kyle’s chin as the man chews and swallowed before Brad took his mouth. As Brad’s touch flicked he held a hope dinner finished up soon so he could take him upstairs where he planned to lock them in for several days.

Adam, James, & Gene

“Ain’t they all just absurdly puke worthy,” Gene said in good humour as he slide into the long wooden bench that ran against the railing of the veranda, which happened to be the far side of the table, the opposite side to Brad and Kyle. James and Adam had been sitting there, lip curled slightly at the site of Brad feeding Kyle a plum, and then licking the juice that ran down the side of his mouth.
“I’ll grab the bucket,” Jack said as he sat down next to Gene, wincing slightly as he held his side. Apparently healing from a werewolf attack was a long one, the guys weren’t sure why, they thought that maybe it had something to do with the fact that Jack had been so close to death when they’d found him.
Then again, it could be that he wasn’t doing so well mentally with the fact he was going to turn fury during the next moon, maybe that was slowing things down. Then again, Adam honestly couldn’t remember what it was like or the minute details of what happened when they changed, so maybe Jack’s body was normal.  
“Don’t worry,” Gene again, “We’ll just upchuck over the balcony give the birds something to eat.”
“Yuck, Gene,” Adam elbowed Gene; they were eating for eff’s sake. Looking back across the table, Adam noticed that Brad and Kyle seemed to have doubled the efforts on the cuteness, maybe because of Gene, but most probably because they’d not been together for  two weeks. Either way the sight had Adam’s stomach tightening, he really wanted that. He wanted something you’d be embarrassingly cute in front of everyone. He wanted someone who’d love him so much it screamed with everything they did.
James’s arm snaked around Adam’s hips squeezing it tightly for one long moment. It seemed that maybe Adam’s was showing that depressing thought for the world to see. Then again maybe it was just more noticeable to James as Adam had been spending a lot more nights with that man then in his own bed. It was just Adam hadn’t slept in a bed by himself since he’d been 16 and by himself a bed, even a single—which he didn’t have—felt like he was swimming in an ocean with no idea which way to land. Adam didn’t like it; he needed the closeness of others, especially while he slept.
“What! Why shouldn’t I feed the birds?”
“I doubt your vomit would be that good for them,” James added as he leant forward to get some meat off the nearby plate.
“What’s wrong with my up-chuck?”
“I’d say the alcohol,” James added.
“And you don’t think the bird would like that?”
“Seriously, guys, can we not talk about this while there’s food in front of me,” Adam pleaded, his stomach churned slightly not sure if eating would be a good idea.
“Sure, mate,” Chris chuckled slapping him on the back, “Forgot what a light weight you were.”
“Yeah whatever arse, we’ll see how your stomach handles a subject change towards chewing (tin) foil.” Adam said, shutting the arse up, which was probably more funny then the words being said, and clearly wouldn’t last more than his own subject change.

Phil & Craig

Laughing at the boy’s antic’s Craig took the quick opportunity while they were all reasonably distracted to lean forward. One arm bracing against the back of Phil’s chair, he leant in, it was enough of a move that he had Phil’s whole attention.
Lip to lips, Craig got one of the best kisses in his whole life. Which always happened when kissing his man, even if it was there last kiss before they fell asleep.
“What was that for?” Phil smiled that soft smile that made it worth getting uncomfortable with a little bit of PDA.
Craig shrugged slightly, his neck getting a little hot as he kept on forward, grabbing some watermelon off the table.
Phil huffed a soft laugh, he was that loving on he did whenever he thought Craig was being cute.
“Love ya too, babe.”
See, though he was being cute.

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