Introducing Charlie Day Friday!

That’s right, Friday’s will now be Charlie Day Fridays. Every Friday, there will be a Charlie Richards related post. It could be a new release, short story, one of her previous releases or maybe even which stories are related to the next new release. If you’re anything like me, I like re reading the stories related to the latest to remind myself of the characters I’m going to be seeing again.

So let’s start with… The Priest’s Perspective (A Loving Nip #14) which is scheduled for release on the 18th of August 2017.

Now I’m just going to let you all admire the pretty and not giving you anything else (he he he).

Oh fine, I’ll be a bit nicer. Here is the blurb:

Just a little Love Bite: Getting captured by vampires, a priest learns more about himself than he ever thought possible.

Giles Corsair joined the ranks of the Priests to fight demons. He thought he was destroying the spawn of the devil and stamping out evil. When he ends up captured by the creatures he was told are demons, he’s in for a rude awakening. They’re not demons. They’re vampires. He learns demons are around…except they’re not the spawn of Satan. They claim to have been created by the gods. Giles doesn’t believe a word of it…until he sees a demon in the flesh. To his utter shock, Giles feels an unholy attraction to the beast. It calls itself Thanach and makes advances at him, calling him his amina, his soul, and telling Giles that he is Thanach’s gift from the gods. Confused by his unexpected desires, Giles discovers the greatest battle he fights is within himself. Can he come to grips with the shifts in his reality, or will the battle cost him his sanity?


But that’s it! 😉

If you want a refresher on demons and an introduction to the Priests have a look at Vampires, Demons, & Priests, Oh My! and Taming War.

One thought on “Introducing Charlie Day Friday!

  1. The little snippet just added to the joy of looking at the cover…dayum!
    A must buy….shoot I try to buy all Charlie’s books so… it’s a given this is on my “must ” list.

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