Introducing Kindle Worlds – Plundered Chronicles


Introducing Kindle Worlds – Plundered Chronicles
By: Alex Westmore

I am thrilled to be offering The Plundered Chronicles as the first LGBT Kindle World, and truly believe this community of brilliant writers has created some amazing stories for you to read.

Kindle Worlds are books by authors writing in same world created by another author. Each author writing in the world has some elements that are part of original world/stories and add their own characters or world.

This world couldn’t come at a better time – a time when it is vital our collective voices are heard, when we have the chance to hold hands and remind each other that we and our stories matter.

And what stories we have.

If you like steampunk, we have it. If you like undersea adventure we have that. If you are a fan of the Plundered Series, we have backstories as well as future plotlines. This is a world where everything is possible and anything is probable. Prepare to suspend your disbelief because this powerhouse of writers is serving up more than a yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum. They have worked tirelessly to create original and entertaining stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you wonder, and hopefully make you want to be a part of something fantastic.

I am honored that these writers took precious time away from their own characters to play with mine in a variety of genres, and set them sailing off into outerspace or into the faery realm. I am proud of the hard work each author has put into their plotline and I am very pleased with the fabulous quality of the writing.

And thanks for stopping by, matey. I know I speak for all of the writers here when I say we are glad you came and we are confident you will find yourself so immersed in our world, you’ll come back again and again as we create even more diverse stories for your reading pleasure.

So welcome to the exciting world of Quinn’s pirate adventure where words are sharper than knives and where bravery and courage are as important as breathing. No matter what genre you enjoy reading our world has something for everyone.

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Book 1:  The Pirate’s Booty
Book 2:  Shiver her Timbers
Book 3:  Fire in the Hole
Book 4:  Cutthroat Crusades
… with more coming soon!


Much Ado about Pirates by Falcon Storm
Sayyida by K’Anne Meinel
The House at Sea by R.J. Blain
The Time Parlay by Jill Cooper
The Girl Who Touched the Stars by M.D. Cooper
Falling for a Pirate by Meredith Bond
Shipwrecked by Kathryn Hickle
Steel, Steam & Immortality by Annathesa Nikola Darksbane
Bring Me the Horizon by Shei Darksbane
Skyblade’s Gambit by Robert Dahlen
Nebulous Rising: Inferno by Talia Carmichael


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