My Writing Process Blog Hop – 7th April

Unfortunately, Ellen’s blog hop fairies managed to catch me (might have something to do with the fact that PITA threw me at them and made a run for it!)
So here I am, sitting quietly and answering the questions all the fairies (well most of them, a couple are out looking for PITA) seem to be throwing at me. Although some are really bizarre, I mean, why do they need to know if I’ve ever heard that you can’t lick your elbow and have I ever tried it. Personally I think the fairies have been drinking but I doubt they’d agree with me…

Let’s begin…

1) What am I working on?

I’m currently working on Temple Cats Book 2 which is an MF story. At just over 14k it’s still not half way there, looks like it could be around 40k like Book 1.

I’m also working on an MM story for an anthology. Currently it has the very tentative title of Aiden’s Story (original, I know). It was supposed to be a standalone but PITA had other ideas and it’s now on the path of becoming Book 1 in a series.

 2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

That’s a hard one. Having only written one full story so far I don’t know that I can pinpoint how it’s different.

3) Why do I write what I do?

Um, is ‘because PITA won’t shut up’ an answer?


Okay, then how about this. I write because I can. I’ve always had an active imagination and my mind is constantly wandering, making up random stories. I write stories where the characters find love, regardless of their gender. I prefer to write stories with shifters or magic because then I can really let my imagination go wild.

4) How does your writing process work?

Easy, PITA starts talking and doesn’t shut up until I give in and get writing. We’ve come to an arrangement, he leaves me alone while I go to work and I work on the stories when I get home.

The first story was written in a month, all 40k of it. I think that was just PITA taking advantage of the situation in case I changed my mind and decided not to write the story.
But there was no planning, no plotting, nothing! After work I would just sit with my laptop on my lap and start typing.

The idea for another series came to me in a dream. I woke up in the morning and wrote the outline on my mobile.

The following week, another story idea that came to me in a dream, but the story made me sad so I told PITA I wasn’t writing it. A few weeks later and I can’t remember anything about it. The first story on the other hand, I can still recall all the details even without the outline.

I should probably take notes and stuff, but for now I just write as I go along. If there’s something in particular I want to add to the story and I don’t want to forget it then I pop it on my mobile until I can get it onto the WIP.

Okay, looks like the fairies are leaving me alone. They seem to have found PITA and if the paint buckets at their feet are any indication, they’re about to get even with him for running away. I’m going to go and watch from the sidelines, maybe help them out (after all, he did shove me at them then run away). We’ll see how long they get distracted with PITA before they go and hunt down Renae and TK…

Renae Kaye:

Renae Kaye is a lover and hoarder of books who thinks libraries are devilish places because they make you give the books back.  She consumed her first adult romance book at the tender age of thirteen and hasn’t stopped since.  After years  – and thousands of stories! – of not having book characters do what she wants, she decided she would write her own novel and found the characters still didn’t do what she wanted.  It hasn’t stopped her though.  She believes that maybe one day the world will create a perfect couple – and it will be the most boring story ever.  So until then she is stuck with quirky, snarky and imperfect characters who just want their story told.

Renae lives in Perth, Western Australia and writes in five minute snatches between the demands of two kids, a forbearing husband, too many pets, too much housework and her beloved veggie garden.  She is a survivor of being the youngest in a large family and believes that laughter (and a good book) can cure anything.

Tk Paige

T.K. Paige picked up her first book to read around the age of four and hasn’t stopped since. She discovered the M/M genre in August of 2012 and an addict was hooked.

If you see her and she is not reading, then she is thinking about the books that live in her head. It doesn’t matter what else she is doing, it is guaranteed half her brain has a plot running through it.

A stay at home mom for more years than she would like to think about, she is lucky enough to be married to a wonderful guy who encouraged her to write throughout their years together. Then when she finally did it and she told him what she was writing, he turned only slightly green and asked “Do I have to read it?” Apparently, he had dreams of her being the next Urban Fantasy sensation with her taste in movies… We won’t tell him what she watches when she is alone all day folding laundry.

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