News and Updates

A lot seems to have happened in the last week or so, I cant really believe it…

Return of the Cats got its first review, and it was a five star review *happy squeals*
It’s on Amazon UK and for anyone interested, you can read it here.

Aiden’s Shepherd is up on the eXtasy books coming soon page and will be released on the 1st of October. The sequel will be written soon…very soon I hope!
Aiden’ Shepherd will also be going on tour on October 3 with Pride Promotions. More details to come.

A Leash on Love is my short story (just under 10k) that will be released as part of MCB Quarterly Magazine next year. You can have a look at their website here.

And tonight I finished another story. This one is a MM Christmas submission. It came in at 20,960 words which I’m really pleased about because it was done in 10 days. Now I just need to come up with a name for it, write the synopsis, and go through it before submitting it. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend, then I can get stuck into the sequel to Aiden’s Shepherd starting from Monday.

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