I have been trying to think of what to say about what happened on the 12th and even now, five days later, I’m still at a loss. I have opened numerous Word documents to try and come up with something, but all I end up doing is staring at a blank document.

This act of terror and hate crime is a nightmare. So many lives have been lost and even more are hurting because of one person’s hate.

I cannot comprehend the amount of hate in someone’s heart to be able to do something so horrible. And to see comments and statements applauding the act? It’s mindboggling. What is wrong with people? How are they not appalled by this?!

But what I’m seeing more is the outpouring of love. Authors and some publishers have teamed up together to put together anthologies with the proceeds going to the families affected by the Pulse Nightclub Shooting.

People from all around the world have donated to help the families. As I’m typing this post, almost $5.1million has been raised through the gofundme page, all in four days.

It shows that despite the hate, there is also love in the world. Love will conquer the hate. Those that have tragically lost their lives will not be forgotten.

Love is Love is Love is.


To donate to the families affected by the Pulse Nightclub Shooting click: https://www.gofundme.com/PulseVictimsFund

Grief hotline: http://www.allianceofhope.org


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