Out Now – Beast of a Time by Misha Paige

Today is release day for Beast of a Time by Misha Paige!!!

I love this story! It’s the first book in the Hellhound Bound series and I can’t wait to read more about Kane and Al *hint hint Misha*

Although be warned, it has a HFN ending. So come on, pick up your copy and then help me bug Misha for book 2!!!

It’s up exclusively at Rainbow Ninja Press and Payhip for $2.50. Once it hits third party sites next week the price is going up to $2.99 so make sure to grab your copy now 🙂

Everyone’s heard stories or songs about being a beast of burden. Well, it’s quite a burden to be a beast, too.

Kane isn’t like most people: he’s not human, for one thing. What he is, is exceptional.

An event from his past led him to stay on Earth, a planet of people that were often scared and hostile to his kind. Even so, Kane ignored all the hateful things said to him and focused instead on the job he chose to do.

That job is everything to him, and it’s his reason for living. When one man shows up—Al, a new hire who keeps smiling at Kane when he should be looking at him with fear and distaste—Kane is faced with a challenge he never expected. He didn’t think anyone would ever truly want him, and to discover that a very sexy, handsome man does indeed want him, shakes Kane to his core.

Despite Kane’s best attempt’s at keeping distance between them, he finds himself partnered with Al. Kane knows he needs to push Al away, and he tries. Sort of.

Al isn’t scared off like Kane’s former partners, and if he and Kane can survive the fight that’s coming for them, then maybe they’ll have a chance to discover what it means to love.

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