PITA wins *sigh*

For those of you that don’t know, my muse is “affectionately” called PITA. Yes it does stand for Pain In The Ass, and he really is. Currently he’s all proud of himself for getting his way.
You see, at the moment I’m working on a MM story for an anthology submission and initially it was going to be a human and a shifter (dog) pairing. But PITA decided to throw a spanner in the works and after looking into it, PITA can have his way. Soo… its now a human-who-is-actually-a-magic-user and shifter pairing *sigh*

To add to it–PITA is campaigning for the story to be the first in a series and so far it looks like it will be *glares at PITA who is clapping happily in the corner*

The current word count goal is 15,000 but that may increase, we’ll see how the story evolves.

But for now, it time to write a bit more and enjoy the fact that I’ll be going to see Puppetry of the Penis on Friday night and PITA is going to be left at home =D

*watches as PITA storms off, bitching about me being a mean*

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