Return of the Cats is out!!!!

The day has finally arrived! My very first story, Return of the Cats, is out!!!!

You can get it and all of the other releases at eXtasy’s New Releases page!


When her world is turned upside down Tori will need to learn to trust those around her as she learns about a world she never knew existed.

Tori Bastet is just an ordinary girl. Or at least, she was. After being kidnapped and experimented on she, along with the other captives, finally gets rescued. But it’s what happens next that changes their lives forever.

Now Tori and the others have to not only get used to the fact that shifters exist, they have to embrace the shifter within each of them. If they don’t then they could end up right where they started. If they do, then their lives will go in a direction that none of them ever thought possible.

As more information comes to light, things take a sinister turn. Tori will need to work with her newfound mate, Zach, and the others in order to come up with a plan of action.

It’s going to take all of them working together to eliminate this threat, but if anyone can do it, they can. After all, they’re Temple Cats.

Here is an excerpt…

“Okay, let’s move out. Zach, you take the lead and I’ll take the rear. Let’s get everyone out of here as fast as possible—the twins should be just about finished.”
No one moved a muscle and as one, they all turned to look at Tori. The blond looked surprised, but then he, too, turned to Tori and said, “So, you’re the leader of this little group?”
Before she could stop herself, Tori snapped at him and said as sarcastically as possible, “Yea, I’m the leader. I walked them all in here and then after they got in the cages I got into one, too, just to prove that I wouldn’t ask them to do anything I wouldn’t. Because that’s what makes a good leader, right?”
“I didn’t mean—” he started to say, but Tori cut him off, still pissed off about his comment.
“No, of course you didn’t. After all, you’re the knights in shining armor. Coming to take us from the cages in some unknown facility to who the hell knows where to do who knows what. You come in here, don’t bother telling us who you are or where you’re from, and expect us to follow you like docile little lambs. Well I got news for you buddy, it ain’t happening! You want us to leave this room, then start talking.” Tori crossed her arms over her chest and knew that the fury she felt was reflected in her eyes. With Kris standing next to her she knew that they had eyes on both men, and while they might be small at five foot seven, they knew how to take out a man twice their sizes thanks to the self-defense classes they had taken. If they hadn’t been drugged when they were captured six months ago, they wouldn’t be in this mess.
The blond sighed, “Look we don’t have time for this, we need to get out of here. We’ll explain everything to you when we get out of here, but for now we really need to hurry.”
“No,” Tori said without a second thought. The others had all gathered behind her and Kris, and while everyone was weak from the lack of food, they all stood united. These men might be fit, strong and packed with muscles, but at the end of the day, it was still nine versus two. Okay, technically it would be seven versus two, since Elly was a kitten and Max was holding her, but those were still good odds.
The blond growled and started advancing toward them when the other man, Zach, finally spoke. “Joe, we don’t have time for this. There’s too many of them for us to drug and carry out of here, and with the drug cocktails they’ve been getting there’s no guarantee that anything we gave them would work. Tell them enough to get them out of here and let’s get going.” His radio crackled to life.
“Where are you guys? We need to move out. The others are about thirty minutes out, and if you don’t move it then you could all be caught. How long does it take to get two people out of there, anyway?”
Zach picked up the radio and responded, “Our information was faulty—there are nine captives, and they’re currently refusing to leave because their leader doesn’t know who we are.”
“You’re two idiots who are taking your sweet-ass time rescuing the innocents and getting out of a crazy institution bent on creating a shifter army using innocent people. How hard is it to tell them that?”

2 thoughts on “Return of the Cats is out!!!!

  1. Hi Beany,
    Just finished reading Return of the Cats – Loved it. A great way to spend a afternoon.
    I know you plan a second and am eager to read it. I will also be keeping an eye out for Aiden’s Shepherd the first of your other new series Paws and Magic on the 15th.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      I’m glad you enjoyed it =D The second story is Kris’s story and it’s got 14k on it at the moment.
      Unfortunately, Aiden’s Shepherd has been postponed until 1st October. Sorry! 🙁 I’ll be posting about that tomorrow.

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