Merman Tales

Merman Tales came into being after I wrote Christmas, snow and…a merman? and realised there would be another story. With that realisation, I needed to come up with a series name and after a bit of thinking, and some googling, Merman Tales was the lucky winner.

Book one, Christmas, snow and…a merman? was released December 15 2014 and Book 2, Hearts, flowers and a rainbow tail was released February 15th 2015.

There are plans for a third book… just as soon as the characters talk to me!

4696christmassnowandamerman510web-300x450It’s up to Calder to show his Christmas-hating merman what the season is really about.

Calder lives a quiet life in his cabin on the edge of the bay. He has his best friend Erik and for now, that’s enough. Then his life takes an unexpected turn when an event causes him to come face-to-face with a real merman.

Tamesis knows that soon the waters will freeze over, which means that dreaded time of the year is coming—Christmas. As a merman he is not affected by the change in water temperature, but when it freezes over he can no longer spend his days watching the man on the shore. That all changes when Calder falls into Tamesis’s world.

The more the two get to know each other, the more they start to care, but will they be brave enough to admit their feelings? Or will Tamesis end up with an even bigger reason to hate Christmas?

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4754heartsflowersandarainbowtail510web-300x450This Valentine’s Day Erik gets a surprise visitor, but it’s not cupid. Not unless cupid is a sexy merman in disguise.

Time has passed, but Erik is still haunted by what happened to him at the hands of Dirk at Christmas. He’s been spending less time with his best friend Calder and, in turn, the one merman he wants, but doesn’t think he’ll ever have. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching he’s already making plans to avoid the world on the day.

Aryell has been staying with Calder and Tamesis since being reunited with his friend and leader at Christmas. While he enjoys spending time with the couple, it’s Calder’s best friend Erik that he’d rather spend time with, but the man avoids him and Aryell begins to wonder if maybe it’s time to return to the water.

One day changes everything and gives Aryell hope and new information. Can he convince Erik to give him a chance this Valentine’s Day, or will he be returning to his underwater home alone?

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