Temple Cats (M/F)

The Temple Cats series will be an eight book series with a possible spinoff. There’s sexy men, kick ass women, shifters and of course, HEA endings.

Book One is Return of the Cats and was released on 1 September 2014

Book Two has been started. Current word count is available on my WIP page.

4538returnofthecats510w-300x450When her world is turned upside down Tori will need to learn to trust those around her as she learns about a world she never knew existed.

Tori Bastet is just an ordinary girl. Or at least, she was. After being kidnapped and experimented on she, along with the other captives, finally gets rescued. But it’s what happens next that changes their lives forever.

Now Tori and the others have to not only get used to the fact that shifters exist, they have to embrace the shifter within each of them. If they don’t then they could end up right where they started. If they do, then their lives will go in a direction that none of them ever thought possible.

As more information comes to light, things take a sinister turn. Tori will need to work with her newfound mate, Zach, and the others in order to come up with a plan of action.

It’s going to take all of them working together to eliminate this threat, but if anyone can do it, they can. After all, they’re Temple Cats.

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