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Synaesthesia is a rare condition which some people with an ASD experience. A sensory experience goes in through one system and out through another. So a person might hear a sound but experience it as a colour. In other words, they will ‘hear’ the colour blue.
i everyone *waves*
Welcome to my blog 🙂
Thank you RJ Scott for letting me participate again. I’ll admit, my personal experience with autism is quite limited, I know people whose kids have autism, but that’s it. However when the invite came through I didn’t think twice.
I had four months to prepare my post but it wasn’t until the beginning of April that I thought, ‘oh crap, I still haven’t written anything!’ and that’s when I started to worry. In fact, when I opened my blog (for the first time in a few months) I sat here thinking, now what?
But by the time I put my quote in and added the graphic, an idea hit (yay!)Recently a friend was over from Germany and we talked about a lot of things (including me trying to convince her to move to Australia). On her last night here we went to the marina close to my home and watched the sunset, she’d seen a sunrise in Australia, but that was her last chance to see a sunset before she got on the plane and spent 32 hours travelling home (flight delays and a whole other mess).
Anyway, as we were sitting there watching the sunset, her freezing and me enjoying the cool air, she took photos and I just enjoyed the smell of the ocean.
When I sat here trying to decide what sense to focus on, I could really only pick one–Smell. In particular, the smell of the ocean.

I’ve always loved the ocean, with all the sharks and jellyfish and what not, I may not have always loved swimming in it, but the smell has always been able to bring a smile to my face.
There have been times in the past where I have gotten in the car, sometimes upset, and just taken a drive down to the beach to sit on the rocks, watch the waves and smell the ocean. I could spend hours sitting at the beach (maybe not on the rocks because ow, my ass would be numb!). If ever I was upset or confused, I’d go to the nearest ocean and just stand there breathing in the smell.
I have always said, I can’t live somewhere where the ocean isn’t a short drive away. When I drive to and from work, I’m usually driving past the ocean for part of the journey if not most of the journey.
While there have been times when I’ve smelled something and it’s reminded me of a memory or a happy moment, the smell of the ocean is guaranteed to make me smile. I also love the colours, the sounds and the creatures of the ocean.
So while I’m going to finish rambling now, I’m also going to share some photos I took recently 🙂




6 thoughts on “The Five Senses Blog Tour

  1. Thank you for sharing. You remind me a little of my sister, every so often (well most times) when we’re talking on the phone she’ll always manage to fit in that I should move to whichever part of the U.S. she’s in. Thank you for sharing those photos!

  2. Thank you for this post and for participating in this important blog hop 🙂 Love the pictures (especially the last one)

  3. Thanks for the great post and lovely pix. I grew up near the ocean and love that smell. I live inland now, and miss it.

  4. I enjoyed the post I spent most of my life in a big town and now I live by the Seaside. I love the sound of the waves I find it very soothing.

  5. Thanks for the post. Love the pix. I live less than 10 miles from the Pacific and only go when I take friends. I forget how gorgeous the area is until I see pictures that are like my home.

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