M/M Stories

Updated: 16 June 2016

These stories are the next planned releases

TitleWord CountSeriesStatus
Del's Wolf16,595Twisted Fairy TalesStarted
Arcane Magic 213,922Arcane MagicStarted

These stories are coming

TitleWord CountSeriesStatus
Arcane Magic 30Arcane MagicPlanned
Book 1 (Untitled)3,035ElementalsStarted
Jackson's Fox269Paws and MagicStarted
P&M 40Paws and MagicPlanned
P&M 50Paws and MagicPlanned
P&M 60Paws and MagicPlanned
Book 30Merman TalesPlanned
Untitled (Vamp Story)2,731StandaloneStarted
Untitled Shifter Story2,927StandaloneStarted
Untitled Contemporary602StandaloneStarted