M/M Stories

Updated: 16 June 2016

These stories are the next planned releases

TitleWord CountSeriesStatus
Del's Wolf (tentative title)0Twisted Fairy TalesPlanned
Arcane Magic 213,922Arcane MagicStarted

These stories are coming

TitleWord CountSeriesStatus
Arcane Magic 30Arcane MagicPlanned
Book 1 (Untitled)3,035ElementalsStarted
Jackson's Fox269Paws and MagicStarted
P&M 40Paws and MagicPlanned
P&M 50Paws and MagicPlanned
P&M 60Paws and MagicPlanned
Book 30Merman TalesPlanned
Untitled (Vamp Story)2,731StandaloneStarted
Untitled Shifter Story2,927StandaloneStarted
Untitled Contemporary602StandaloneStarted