Blog story – yay or nay?

I’ve been tossing up with the idea of doing a blog story for a while. 

The positive of doing it is that it’d force me to write. 

The negative is that if PITA decides not to talk to me, what do I do?

And if I do decide to start a blog story, which story do I do? Do I continue my free story The Draw of the First Kiss? Do I start a new series? Or do I do a standalone? There’s a bunch of story ideas floating around in my head so my next issue would be picking just one. 

But should I start a blog story?

As readers, do you prefer getting a chapter a week or would you rather wait for the story to be released? 

2 thoughts on “Blog story – yay or nay?

  1. I say give it a try see if it flows for you, I love blog stories they allow me to connect with the author too that’s never a bad thing imho

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